Mixed Style Thai Massage

Thai Mixed Style massage is the combination of both Tradition Thai massage with Oil Massage. You have the option for getting relaxation while you are relieving muscular and joint tension. It will stimulates the internal organs as well.


  • Helps to get relief from muscle injuries and sore.
  • Will helps in building up lactic acid.
  • Producing calm and relaxing mood.
  • Regular session will improve immunity and prevent the body from disease.


Why Thai Mixed Style Massage?

Walk into Brisbane Thai Massage to experience the great relaxation massage by our massage therapists. With well furnished and interiors you will feel the real pleasant experience of massages. Thai mixed style massage is a combination of both traditional Thai massage and Oil massage.  Thai mixed style massage will stimulate the internal organs of the body and helps you in rejuvenating the hormones in the body.

Thai Mixed Style Massage is a combination of both Original Thai Massage and Relaxation massage. This Thai Mixed Style massage provides a Therapeutic but yet calming treatment. This Thai Mixed Style Massage focuses on body’s meridian lines. It extends to stretching of muscles and concluded with relaxation massage using oil. This will calm the body and mind, The finishing will includes foot and scalp massage. The benefits enjoyed from Thai mixed style include warm and stretch muscles, greater flexibility, stress relief, deep relaxation and improves the circulation of blood.

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