Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing system which comprises of acupressure, ayurvedic principles, and Yoga postures.

Thai massage has its own style which emerges from Asian neighbors’. It carried over generations and most of them are addicted to it. Thai massage uses point pressure, muscle stretching, and compression. Massages are provided in the rhythmic movement of gentle strokes. Normally, this type of massage is done on a mat applied to floor or table. This massage is performed with full clothing. 

There are various differences between Ancient Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Massage. The differences can be identified by the receiver. In ancient Thai Massage, the small mantra is recited, whereas in other yoga postures and stretching are used.

 Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage Benefits:

  • Frees Blockages in every area
  • Provides strength to Nervous system
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Absorb Nutrition
  • Improves the circulation of blood
  • General feeling of removal from physical, mental and emotional strain


Why Traditional Thai Massage?

      Brisbane Thai Massage and Luxury Spa offer the best Traditional Thai Massage in Brisbane City. Humans are practiced to live in a Mechanical life so that they don’t find to spend the time to relax the body. One way to relax their mind and body is Traditional Thai Massage. Traditional Thai Massage is a Holistic system, as it looks then more than a simple symptom. Brisbane Thai Massage and Luxury spa have defined some practical methods for applying the Traditional Thai massage.

Recover from Shoulder pain using Thai Massage:

    When a person is found having shoulder pain, there are two options for approaching this. The first option is quite simple and followed in many areas. Simply rub and apply the pressure on the Shoulder area so that the person will feel quite relaxed.

Shoulder Pain

     The second option is identifying the reason for the shoulder pain and educates the person on the shoulder pain. It seems that the person is carrying the handbag on the one side of the shoulder always. We can find the difference in the position of the shoulder. One must be higher than the one.

     The person is advised to carry the handbag on both the shoulders at regular intervals. Brisbane Thai Massage and Luxury Spa utilize this way for approaching the clients with the shoulder injury.

Recover from Neck pain using Thai Massage:

         As like the Shoulder Pain, Neck pain also to be approached with two options. The first one is just rubbing away on the neck which helps to recover from the pain.

    The second option is the person has a collapsed posture of the neck with the shoulder. The person will feel difficult in moving the position of the neck front and back. Tilting of head results in neck muscle strains.

Neck Pain
Neck Pain

     Brisbane Thai Massage and Luxury Spa understand the importance of the person-situation and make them practice some yoga and simple shoulder exercise. They will also demonstrate the person how the good posture looks like.

Recover from Lower back Pain using Thai Massage – Especially for Male:

     This is a common problem for males. Lower back pain almost kills the person that he is unable to move from one place to another place. The problem is approached in a different way. We will find out whether the person is carrying a fat wallet at the back. If so, this is the culprit for the Lower back pain. It will change the posture of the person.

     Sitting for most of the day is also a reason for this problem. We advise the person the carry his fat wallet in the front pocket and also suggests some of the yoga and exercises.

 Recover from Foot Pain using Thai Massage:

    The best way to recover from the foot pain is Thai Foot Massage. This is generally applying pressure on the toe and foot to recover from the pain. As the person wears the high heel and narrow shoes, it will become the victim of the foot pain.

     There will be a nerve compression of the metatarsal bones which results in foot pain. The only way to recover from it avoiding any high heal and narrow shoes. The person is advised to wear flat shoes.

      The Traditional Thai Massage is a simple one, but we don’t want our clients to look for the small solutions. We want our clients to get the permanent solution and we approach each and every problem in different ways.

Evaluation Methods:

We evaluate the clients based on three important criteria’s

  1. Simple Observational Skills.
  2. Evaluating Life Style Habits.
  3. Using Additional Skills that therapist has developed over a period of time.

  Being in the Industry for long years, Brisbane Thai massage and Luxury Spa has provided solutions to many of the clients who suffered from Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, and Foot Pain. This is not only in the hands of massage therapists. We can provide you the immediate recovery. But for the permanent solution, Client has to follow the steps provided by Massage Therapist. Call Now – (07) 3193 9465 and Book an appointment for Best Traditional Thai Massage in Brisbane City.


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